Dhi Loka Brands

Dhi Loka classic

Dhi Loka classic. "Dhi" (धी) and "Loka" (लोक) are Sanskrit words. "Dhi" means 'visionary insight', 'intense thought and reflection'. "Dhi" also means 'intelligence', 'intellect', 'to hold' or 'to place' and indicates the activity of the intellect. "Loka" means mankind or world.

Dhi Organic

Dhi Organic used for organic produces and online shop

Dhiti Pomegranate

Dhiti Pomegranate - Dhi Loka exotic fruit pomegranate. "Dhiti" (धीति) is a Sanskrit word means "wisdom"

Dhiti hapus mango

Dhiti hapus mango - Dhi Loka exotic fruit Hapus mango. "Hapus" is the indian name for Alphonso mango.


Timi is the brand used for Seafood products. "Timi" (तिमि) is a Sanskrit word means whale or simply fish.