The project delivers a natural mineral water packing plant with a capacity of 10000ltrs of pure natural mineral water per day. "Vindu" means "drop". Natural Mineral Water is a rare resource and identifying sutiable location is foremost important. We already identified location of the plant and project is now in planning stage.


The project delivers a fully automatic frozen fish plant with a daily capacity of 100MT per day. "Driti" is a sanskrit name for fish. Availability of best quality raw materials and proximity to fish landing centres are key for the success of this project. We identified a location and property acquisition is in process in the west coast of India. Project planning is already over and the consultants are engaged.

Jal Chara

One of the ambitious project in deep sea fishing. "Jal Chara" is a sanskrit name for fish. Based on initial analysis and engagements, potential to success is high for this project. Project viability study is on.

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